Tempus Fugit

May 21, 2023

Phillips is thrilled to showcase Andrea Bonaceto's groundbreaking NFT project, Tempus Fugit, which will be offered in a standalone online auction on Phillips.com from 1-5 June. In this innovative work, Bonaceto merges his signature visual style with a generative AI component that takes inspiration from individuals who have contributed to his past works. This unique fusion is made possible by the proprietary software developed by Bonaceto in his studio, which was also utilized in his previous project, AB INFINITE 1.


Tempus Fugit introduces an exciting new dimension to the world of art, allowing collectors to experience the work in both 2D and 3D. The project comes with a customizable avatar that operates within the metaverse. By integrating the artwork with the virtual world, collectors can witness their avatar engage and merge into the artwork and back again, immersing themselves in a captivating virtual reality experience.


This project is compatible with Somnium Space, one of the most advanced virtual reality metaverses available. Through this cutting-edge platform, collectors can fully appreciate the intricate details and immersive qualities of Tempus Fugit, engaging with the artwork on a level never before possible. Andrea Bonaceto's Tempus Fugit demonstrates the potential for blending art, AI, and virtual reality, paving the way for future artistic exploration in the digital age. The work is available for purchase in GBP and Ethereum. Tempus Fugit will go on preview in Phillips London galleries on Berkeley Square on 23 May ahead of the single-lot online auction from 1-5 June.