Andrea Bonaceto (Pisa, 1989) is an Italian artist. He’s widely known for his art practice exploring the intersection between visual art, poetry and technology. Bonaceto has established himself as a leading figure in the art world, with his innovative works being exhibited globally.


Born in Pisa, Italy and raised in the Tuscan coastal town of Viareggio, Bonaceto’s academic journey saw him earn a Laurea Magistrale in Economics from the University of Pisa and Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in 2013. Seeking to broaden his knowledge, Andrea relocated to London, where he obtained a Master of Science in Finance from Imperial College LondonVenturing into the financial sector in 2018, Bonaceto established Eterna Capital, an investment firm focusing on the rapidly growing blockchain industry. With a multifaceted background that includes economics, finance, and blockchain technology, Bonaceto has skillfully melded these diverse disciplines into his artistic endeavors.


This amalgamation has resulted in a distinctive artistic perspective, marking a significant contribution to the evolving landscape of contemporary art. Currently, Bonaceto is fully dedicated to his art, exploring new boundaries and concepts, and continuing to make a meaningful impact in the artistic community. Bonaceto collaborated with artificial intelligence robot Sophia and created digital portraits of Sophia and her creators. Andrea was also commissioned by Corriere della Sera to reinterpret the first page of the newspaper from 1969 announcing the Moon landing. His artwork AB INFINITE 1, can update itself through user interactions on social networks. The piece was auctioned at Christie’s 20th/21st Century London Evening Sale on October 13, 2022, as the only digital work in the lot. Andrea latest artwork titled TEMPUS FUGIT was offered in a standalone auction at Phillips on 1-5 June, 2023. 


His work has been featured in international venues and institutions globally such as Museo della Permanente (Milan, IT), CAFA Art Museum (Beijing, CN), Musée des Art Décoratifs (Paris, FRA), W1 Curates (London, UK), Christie’s (London, UK), Phillips (London, UK), Times Square (New York, USA), Dreamverse Gallery (New York, USA), Art in Space (Dubai, UAE), Decentral Art Pavilion (Venice, IT), among others. Bonaceto has recieved several awards which includes Forbes 30 Under 30 Italy 2019, Talented Young Italian Award, Fortune 40 Under 40 Italy 2023. Through visual art, poetry and technology, Bonaceto aims at conveying an interactive as well as introspective experience for the audience, highlighting throughout the journey the improvements that Web3 can bring to society.