Decentralized Economy - NFTs and the Decentralization of Art

March 21, 2021

We are at the cusp of a paradigm shift. NFTs will revolutionize many industries, especially the creative industry/economy. By leveraging NFTs as a tool, it will now be possible to represent everything we see in our world in a digital form, doing so with a unique immutable identity attached to the blockchain. This will give rise to new business models underpinned by these latest technologies.




Vincent Harrison (Owner at IV Gallery)

Nickname: “NFT Moses”, mastermind behind some of the most popular "drops" at Nifty Gateway with top artists such as Beeple Runs IV Gallery, one of the leading art galleries in the US based in Los Angeles and New York


Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile (Founding Partner at Polybius Capital)

Founding Partner at Polybius Capital, investment fund focused on the blockchain space, founder of Museum of Crypto Art, the most successful NFT museum of the metaverse.

Top NFT art collector – Pablo owns many of the historical and iconic NFT artworks, bought  Beeple’s “Crossroads” for $67k in October 2020 and sold it 5 months later for $6.6m


Andrea Bonaceto (Artist)

NFT collector/creator – scheduled drop on 23rd of March on Nifty Gateway together with Sophia the Robot for the first ever human-robot NFT collaboration. Founding Partner at Eterna Capital, investment fund focused on the blockchain space.



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