Andrea Bonaceto Transforms Oxford Street With Monumental Interactive Digital Exhibition

Widewalls, May 16, 2022

The NFT world is coming to the streets! From computer screens to physical galleries and now streets, NFTs are increasingly becoming part of our everyday environments, confirming their relevance in the contemporary moment. 

The latest announcement comes from W1 Curates, an organization dedicated to making the ordinary high street an extraordinary experience. This time, they set their focus on Oxford Street in London, where NFT artist Andrea Bonaceto opens his exhibition on the flagship store, the Flannels. 

NFT Street Art

The interactive installation comprises a snapshot of Bonaceto's life shown in the eternal cycle that repeats, as the title suggests, ab infinite (from infinity). The work permits the viewers to alter it through a specially designed AI mechanism Andrea built to collect viewer interaction online through social media channels. These reactions are then incorporated as part of AB Infinite 1 and on the artwork's website. 

"AB Infinite 1 represents my most profound work so far. It took me years before I had the courage to open up to people and show my art publicly. Once I did that, I went through a cathartic phase that allowed me to better understand who I am," said Andrea.

The work draws from the collaborative practices between artists and the public from the 1960s when authorship was problematized, and people were invited to actively engage with artists in shaping a new society.  

"Through compassion and love we need to come together as a community and become one entity. With this spirit I created the first iteration of AB Infinite 1. I consider this artwork as permanently unfinished, as I hope there will always be someone in the future who wants to be part of it together with me," he concluded. 

State of the Art

AB Infinite is a step forward when it comes to NFTs. Efficiency is secured through the AIgorand blockchain, which is the technological backbone of the project. One of the leading NFT artists, Andrea Bonaceto collaborated with Sophia the Robot and created NFTs that were among the most successful debuts on Nifty Gateways. 

For London, Andrea uses state-of-the-art technology and 8K resolution to create the screens that entirely wrap around the Flannels, allowing around 50,000 people to see the work daily. A selection of portraits is also incorporated into the show, honouring influencers and people from artist's life, such as Neil Armstrong, George Floyd, The Queen, and others. 

The work is typical of Andrea's style—colourful, distorted, and relying on geometrical forms—which explores the concept of authenticity and freedom of expression. Artistic icons such as Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky are also referenced.

AB Infinite 1 in Oxford Street

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the project should first go to the official website, share Twitter and/or Instagram account, and then use the exhibition's hashtag #abinfinite1 when sharing content. After the AI abstract processing, this content will become part of the project forever. 

The exhibition Andrea Bonaceto: AB Infinite 1 will be on view at Oxford Street in London from May 16th until May 30th, 2022